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Happy National Running Day! What’s the Word?

Maybe a national running word would have allowed the guy in the raft to catch some fish.

Maybe a national running word would have allowed the spectator in the river to catch some fish.

Happy National Running Day!  Hopefully you’re getting a mile or two in, at least if that’s your thing.  If you’ve ever considered running, today is a good excuse to give it a shot and there’s lots of encouraging posts all over social media today about getting started.  

I just completed my very first half marathon on Sunday.  (It was the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont – an amazing race that will get its very own MotorMommy post soon.) I mention the half because I think that’s what makes me feel bold enough to propose  this ideas to other runners.  (Who am I kidding.  I mention that I finished a half marathon mostly because I’m trying to mention it as many times to as many people as I can.  I’m wearing the t-shirt and the medal as I type this.)
You see, I often notice other runners in my neighborhood and out and about. I’d love to communicate with them but don’t want to slow them down or scare them or anything.  Just provide a (literal) word of encouragement without interrupting their plans.
I’d like to say something to runners I see because I’ve noticed during races, especially in the half marathon, that the words of a stranger can provide quite a boost.  A couple of spectators  could easily be credited with my completing the CBHM.  Three sets worth noting of many enthusiastic spectators include:
  1. The fisherman in the river next to the course near mile 8 who was too busy scaring the fish with his cheering to catch anything (shown in picture)
  2. The adorable girls at mile 12 who told me I was “owning” the race-( I was walking at that point, but promised them I’d try to own the rest because they said that.  And I did, if we use “slightly lurching, obviously painful, slow run but not walking” as the definition of “own.”).
  3. Everyone around the last stretch who promised I’d be able to see the finish line right around the corner.  I didn’t believe it until I heard it 4 times.  (And seeing that finish line was such indescribable joy. So much to write about, has to wait for its own post…)
I think it would be nice to encourage other runners I see, but yelling “Woo hoo, girl, you look great!  You got this!  Work it, work it, you’re almost there!” from my front lawn as my kids are playing doesn’t seem quite right for a variety of reasons.
Here’s what I propose: A word, with minimal syllables, that is easily Googled, that we can say to encourage and recognize fellowship with another runner we see even when we’re not running.
This word shall have the following meaning:
“Hello fellow human, I see you are running.  I run sometimes, too.  I don’t know whether this is your 16th of 20 training miles scheduled for today in an attempt at a Boston-qualifying marathon or your first running interval of a beginner’s 5k training program.  The reason for your run is also unknown.  Perhaps you are running to lose weight, to get some fresh air, to clear your head of bad news, to burn a few calories in exchange for a few drinks you plan to have later, to challenge yourself with a new personal best, or just to avoid your children or avoid your housework for a moment. Or maybe this is just a warm-up for some other exercise you prefer to do.  In any case, I’m proud of you for wherever you are in whatever journey you are on.    I recognize you are doing something that can be fun, but that is also hard. You have already taken the most admirable of your steps- the one out your front door.  You look fantastic and you are doing great.  Also, you can relax and know I will not judge your snot rockets, wedgie-picks, overall sweatiness, occasional grunting, lack of toenails, or any other running-related disgustingness.  Rest assured, any unpleasantness in the look on my face is a result of pure jealousy.  Carry on, running human, and enjoy your run.”
What do you think?  Does this word already exist and I missed it? If not, what should this “the runner in me sees the runner in you” word be?  “Runmaste?” “Run happy?” “Zaggazaw?”



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Guys Getaway Weekend vs. Ladies Getaway Weekend

20130326-143245.jpgMotorMommy just got back from a truly phenomenal weekend in Vermont. For the last decade, in early spring, some or all of about 30-40 of my female friends and family travel to Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT for a Ladies Getaway weekend. The resort has been conducting these ladies-only weekends for 13 years now, and the weekends almost always sell out completely. A while ago, they had to add a second weekend to meet the demand and now both weekends sell out each year.

Offerings at the event include 3-4 activity options at any given time all day. These options include water aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, hair-braiding class, soap-making class, cooking class, chick flicks, social security planning, weight loss discussions, wine tasting, mixology and lots, lots more. Also available are spa treatments, psychic mediums, chair massage, henna tattoos, and a boutique with handmade jewelry, crafts, and soaps. Of course, the bar opens promptly at 12:00 pm, so that’s also a convenient option. Nights include DJ dances, live music, comedians and trivia.  The collage to the left are my favorite things- some drinks, an acoustic guitar player, view of the resort from my morning run, etc. (Also got new collage and font apps for my phone, had to try them out.)

While all of these activities are wonderful, the real draw of the weekend for most is the fact that while not explicitly stated, it is generally understood that there are to be no husbands or children. So from 10 am on Friday until 2:00 pm on Sunday, I didn’t change a diaper, make a snack, or explain why you cannot have swedish fish for breakfast for the 15,357th time. It was delightful.

Anyway, every year while I’m there I think about how there’s no Guys Getaway Weekend.

It is always fun to imagine what sort of activities would draw guys to a resort for the weekend. What schedule of life enrichment would draw them in? What could they hope to escape to? I actually think that I’m off to a good start with a weekend compelling enough to pack a large resort. Enjoy and please, comment with classes you think should be added to the itinerary.

And, if any resort picks up on this schedule and decides to run with it, I only request that my husband be allowed to go for free and that someone carefully monitor his tequila consumption.

Guys Get-A-Way Weekend Agenda

Power Tool Room Open all weekend, this room is stocked with the latest in power tools that are noisy, expensive, and create a lot of dust. Also supplied are wood, concrete and fasteners. Enjoy! These are yours to play with and remember, there’s no women here to suggest you should actually fix something or make something. Just start a project, make a mess, and move on!


Friday Night: Big Bonfire- We’ll start the fire, you bring the “bon.” Pallets, trees, refrigerators, chairs- you bring it and we’ll burn it. Materials such as plastic or sharp nails, etc. are not a problem. There will be no females here with mamby-pamby warnings about projectiles or fumes. Please, no pets, children, or wives.

Saturday Night: Exotic Dancers- You can’t touch them, and you probably wouldn’t want to, but they’ll be here, wearing ridiculous shoes, calling themselves cartoon names, dancing to corny music, pretending they like you and calling you things like “big boy” and “stud” while taking your money!

Class Descriptions:

Best Conversation Ever- Come on in and chat with us. For one hour, we’ll ban original conversation. Everything you say must be a direct quote from a movie or TV show.

Plot?! We Don’t Need No Stinking Plot! Another entertainment discussion group, we’ll be talking about our favorite rural, power-tool/construction-equipment/boat/truck -operating guys and gals who love to yell at each other using very poor English while performing life-threatening tasks in some of the world’s most dangerous places far, far from the civilized world. Deadliest Catch, Ice-Road Trucker, Axemen, Swamp-something-or-other or one of the 15 survival-shows-set-in-Alaska fans, this is the discussion for you!

Wife-Repelling Smoke- Is there anything worse than sitting down with a nice glass of scotch or beer and having a woman come over and want to talk? Here, we’ll discuss which sticks to light on fire and breathe in to make sure females stay away. Which works best, the fat, expensive stinky cigars? Grape Swisher Sweets? Let’s all share so we can head home and have quality time alone with our smart phones.

Sports Trivia Spout-Off- So what if it’s useless, irrelevant, and girls don’t seem impressed that you know it? We’re impressed! So come tell us which football player has the most rushing yards in a yellow shirt with red socks, or which teams have the worst World Series records when the third game occurs on an odd-numbered day, or which WWE wrestler has fought the most chicks in cages. Can’t wait to hear it!

Flatulence is Fun- Don’t forget to drink lots of beer and eat lots of chili at the Bonfire on Friday night because Saturday morning we’re going to let it rip! Loud and stinky style!

Special Three Hour Session: Video Gaming- Rather than actually play together, we’ll divide into two rooms and play over the network and yell obscenities while we try to kill pretend people and things. Bring your headphones and controllers.

YouTube: We’ll try to find the best videos of stupid stuff, people getting hurt, naked/almost naked girls and things being destroyed and/or caught on fire. We’ll discuss which ones we’ll need to turn the sound off at work and/or home and which ones should only be watched alone on our smart phones.

Finding and Exploiting Your Buddy’s Weakness We all have that one annoying guy in our group that gets under our skin because he hasn’t embarrassed himself in a while and is cool and funny all the time. Here’s how you can identify his weak spots and get started mercilessly harassing him for them right to his face like you do the rest of your friends.

Big Boy Toys- So what if you can’t afford any of these sports cars, boats, dune buggies, RVs, etc., right? You still know all their specs and exactly how you’d modify them if you’d own them. Lets look at pictures of them and discuss them and where we’d keep them.

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Whiskey’s In The Cabinet

I haven’t written much on here lately. This is mostly because the Greenbergs have acquired a dog. She’s a gorgeous Llewellin Setter. She’s at least part deaf but loves to give kisses and snuggle in your lap. She and needed a home and we needed a dog. We love her.

Like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, she is black, white and carmel-colored. We named her Whiskey, which, we explained to Princess, is short for Whiskers. Princess put up a small fight for her chosen moniker- “Puppy The Puppy” – but she finally came over to our side and agreed Whiskey was a great name.

I still think it’s a great name, but I probably should have foreseen some issues.

Last week was my husband’s vacation. We’d initially planned a ski vacation and bought discounted lift tickets to Jay Peak. For a bunch of reasons, including the prohibitive cost of ski area day care and the new dog, we decided not to go.

At the last minute my father decided he was taking vacation that week and would be able to care for our infant. I found a reasonably-priced pet-friendly cabin 12 miles from the mountain and the trip was back on. I asked Princess if she was excited about our trip to Vermont and she replied, “YES!!! We’re going skiing and we’re going to stay in a cabinet!!!”

I laughed so hard it took me a while to explain it was a “cabin” not a “cabinet.”  I think because everyone laughed when she said it, she seemed to prefer calling it a “cabinet.”

Everything in this post up until now should have been included in a handout I gave to anyone within earshot of Princess on this trip.

Ski school instructors, waiters, water park life guards, lodging proprietors, bartenders (hey, the laws are apparently different in Vermont and I wasn’t winning “mom of the mountain” anyway), and fellow visitors might have overheard these nuggets from the ringlet-framed face above the bubblegum pink jacket in an angelic voice from Princess, to which my only follow-up could be a meek, barely-believable “it’s a dog.”

1. Did we leave Whiskey in the cabinet?
2. Can I take Whiskey out of the cabinet to play when we’re done skiing?
3. Can I have Whiskey in my bed tonight?
4. Sometimes Whiskey makes me turn in circles and fall in the snow.
5. Are we bringing Whiskey skiing?
6. Can we bring Whiskey to the water park?
7. I can’t wait to see whiskey in the cabinet.
8. Are we going to bring Whiskey home in mommy’s car with us?
9. I’m so glad we got Whiskey.
10. I love Whiskey.

Me too, kid. But keep your voice down!


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