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If You Give A Mom a Cup of Coffee and the Day “Off”

If you give a mom a cup of coffee and the day off,
She’s going to want some milk to go with it.
She’ll go to the fridge and see that there isn’t enough milk left.
She’ll decide to run to the store to get some.
She won’t to waste the trip so she’ll write a list of all the things she needs.

On her way into the grocery store, she’ll notice that kids’ shoes are on sale at the clothing store.
She’ll spend an hour picking out two pairs of shoes the kids need before she goes and gets all the groceries.
Then, she’ll drive home and when she pulls up to the house, she’ll notice that some toys and a sweatshirt got left on the front porch.

She’ll clean up the toys before she unloads the groceries and grab the sweatshirt to bring inside.
She’ll haul the groceries in the house and set them on the bench in the hall.
Then she’ll carry them into the kitchen to be put away.

When she’s putting the groceries away, she’ll find the sweatshirt from the porch.
She’ll run down to the basement to put the sweatshirt with the laundry.

While she’s in the basement, she’ll notice she never switched the clothes from the washer over to the dryer yesterday. She’ll set that load of clothes on another rinse cycle.
Then she’ll go back upstairs into the kitchen to put away all the groceries.
While she’s doing that she’ll realize she needs to take some meat out of the freezer.

Since she has the day off, she’ll decide to go ahead and whip up a nice balsamic and rosemary marinade for the meat.
When she’s done she’ll hear the buzzer on the washing machine.

She’ll head down to put the rinsed load of laundry into the dryer.
She’ll see that she left a load of laundry in the dryer yesterday, too.
She’ll fold the laundry right away because since she has the day off, the kids aren’t waiting for her upstairs.

After she puts the wet clothes into the dryer, she ‘ll carry the dry ones upstairs to put them away.
She’ll notice that the beds aren’t made.
After she makes the beds, she’ll want to take a nap.
She’ll remember she never drank the coffee.

When she walks downstairs towards the coffee pot in the kitchen,
she’ll see she left the gallon of milk sitting on the bench in the hallway.

And, chances are, when she sees the milk…

She’ll wish she’d drank the damn coffee black while it was still hot.


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Go To Bed! And Other Things I Wish Someone Would Say To Me


Yesterday was one those non-listening days for Princess. Which means I had to repeat myself many, many times.

So, I guess I heard what I was saying more than usual.  And I realized that she HATES many of the things I say to her.

But I would LOVE it if someone would say them to me.  Because, let’s face it, a 3-year-old’s life is pretty darn good whether they like it or not.

Here are MY top ten things I’d like someone to say to me.  What are yours?

10.  I just finished washing and folding all of your laundry, can you help me put it away?

9.  No, you cannot wear makeup.  Your skin is much too perfect.  Makeup will ruin it.

8.  Please come to the table, I just finished making you lunch.

 7.  SIT DOWN!

6.  Please take off those shoes and put your sneakers on so you’ll be comfortable.

5.  It’s naptime, lay down and go to sleep!

4.  You  have to take a bath right now.

3.  Eat all of your pizza (or mac and cheese) and THEN you can have ice cream.

2.  You do not need anyone in there with you.  Just go potty by yourself.

1.  It’s 7:30, please get your pajamas on and GO TO BED!

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