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Admitting the Truth about Mug Cake

Should've left it batter.

Should’ve left it batter.

They’d been popping up everywhere on my Pinterest feed. Decadent-looking, single-serve bits of heaven in a mug. Mug cakes, of course.  It’s a single serving of cake that you mix up in a mug and microwave to have your own personal cake any time you’d like.  I pinned a couple of mug cake recipes and waited for the right moment.

Finally, there was an evening where I was to throw caution and calories to the wind and enjoy one of these delicious treats. I looked at my original pins and then decided to search the internet for a few recipes that matched the ingredients I had on hand.

Through my searching, a familiar theme came up. People were trying to find recipes without egg. “It tasted too eggy,” one reviewer said of a recipe. While I agree that one egg in a mug is a lot, eggs don’t have much flavor. I had never heard such a complaint.

I decided that my mug cake needed to have egg in it. It would be more moist and it seemed like the right thing to do.

I decided upon this recipe for 2 Minute Chocolate and Salted Caramel mug cake.

After I nestled the children all snug in their beds, I put on my comfy pajamas and bathrobe. My husband was watching TV in the other room and wasn’t interested at all in the mug cake. I headed into the kitchen and put the concoction together.

So, I’m standing alone in my kitchen in a bathrobe. There is no one to judge me. I don’t have to share my dessert. I have just prepared a delicious cake batter in a mug. You’re telling me the next thing people do is COOK the batter?

Bull butter.

It wasn’t the eggy flavor people were turned off by. It was a fear of salmonella.

I tasted a spoonful of the batter. It was delicious and perfect. For some silly reason, I decided to cook my mug cake. Even after I covered it in ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce (hey, I’m alone in my kitchen and I’d I just baked a cake for myself, why would I stop there?) it couldn’t hold a candle to the batter.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s my empty mug in the picture.  I still devoured it.  But there was a healthy bit of regret of my choice to cook it.

So, next time you think “mug cake” sounds like a good idea, don’t fool yourself.  Make yourself some batter in a mug.  Don’t ruin it by putting it in the microwave.  If you’re not adventurous enough to risk horrible food-born illness, leave the egg out.  But don’t lie to me.


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Motor Mommy is Everywhere

So, part of the reason I started this blog is to keep in touch with all things new and social.  Of course, I realized I hadn’t even connected everything.  So, I’ve started doing that and am trying to be everywhere.

First, I got a Facebook page.

Next, I installed these cool icons in the footer.  They are courtesy of “Carrie Loves” and you can find them, along with more icons and more colors here.  (I do hope you’ll check the links out because they are quite lovely and it’s very lovely of her to share them.)

Then, I got myself all connected on Bloglovin.  If you haven’t been, it’s an easy way to get all the content from your favorite blogs across different platforms in one spot.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Coming soon, cute icons for LinkedIn and bloglovin.  And more connections.

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The writing is on the wall. I rock.

“You were great today mommy.  I know I acted up some, but you made me feel so loved and I know I will appreciate the boundaries you are teaching me someday.

“I think we really both enjoyed that project you found on Pinterest, which I not only enjoyed but managed to create perfectly with no mess. Then, you didn’t even lose your sh@# when, while you were handling the baby’s blown out diaper, I used the cheap, non-washable crayons to draw triangles around the project I’d glued to the wall.  The time-out followed by the talk at my level was executed flawlessly, and since you left emotion out of it, I didn’t take it personally and just learned not to do that again.  I think you learned that it’s important to put the glue away right after we’re done with the project, right?

“Plus, yummy!  The food you made me was great – that’s why I ate all of it even though it was super healthy.

“Also, I know you said you gave up your clothing and makeup budgets when you stopped going to work, and you’ve mentioned that was especially hard right after having your second baby.  But, I gotta tell you, you really looked fabulous today, especially in the third shirt you had on – you know – the one you grabbed from the laundry pile, sniffed quickly and threw on after Buster pooped on you.  It was even better than the second clean one you put on after  I had my little accident.

“Looks like Daddy just pulled up.  Since you did such a good job today, instead of running up and throwing my arms around him like he’s rescuing me from some horrible nightmare, I’m going to go torture him.  Maybe tell him HE looks scary this time and then throw a fit when he tries to watch something other than Backyardigans, won’t that be funny?  Since my baby brother’s asleep, I’ll do it quietly.  After I’m done, I’ll help Daddy get the awesome dinner you made out on the table.  You just go for a run and then take a hot bath.  You deserve it.

“After dinner, I think I’m going to turn in early. Just one story tonight and I’ll go right to sleep.”

Said no child, ever.  But if you’re a mom or dad out there, and you’ve had one of those days where everything went wrong or everything went right, or somehow both, just know that I think you’re awesome.  And you’re doing everything right.

An Attagirl for Mommy

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