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Ladies, This is Your Car-Shopping Opportunity, NYC style

Sorry for the short notice, but it snuck up on me.  All of a sudden I find myself drooling over live pics of the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG and the all-new Subaru WRX and the Porsche 911 GT3 and I’m thinking “Wow, Twitter, isn’t usually this cool.” And it dawned on me,  these are just some of the many debuts (55 to be exact) happening in NY at the Auto Show and realize that I’d meant to tell you all about this sooner. 

The NY International Auto Show is a pretty big deal.  Manufacturers will be putting their best face forward to show you everything wonderful about their cars because the media will all be there (long before the public gets to go) reporting every detail, good and bad, of what they see. 

If you are planning on buying a car within the next year, possibly even two, this is a chance to shop the way we smart women like to shop.  We like to browse the options, touch, feel, see, assimilate, without anyone bothering us.  Preferably with our friends, our kids if we have to bring them, and an opportunity to grab a nice lunch or at least some coffee.  (I wrote about this in my Dear Car Dealer, Don’t Make Us Slay the Mammoth post.)

If you haven’t been to an auto show, it’s probably because it sounds like a guy thing.  But if you think about it, it is the one place where you could shop for a car the way you, as an intelligent, discerning female, shop for everything else. 

There’s even a special, private Ladies Tour with Tara Weingarten, Editor-In-Chief of Vroomgirls.com.  From the short bio I read on the site, I’m certain that I’d enjoy at least hanging out with Tara if I can’t find a way to have her life.  (I’d never heard of that site before now, but it is actually a LOT less lame than most women’s automotive sites.   In fact, I have to mention I got caught up browsing it for a while and found myself pretty amused and informed when I did.  That’s a whole other tangent I will save for another post- how disappointed I am by most automotive websites for women.)

Unfortunately, you can’t buy a car at the show, but the upside of that is that there are no car salespeople.  Most manufacturers will have someone available to answer your questions about the car or give you a little talk about it, but those are usually model/actor types.  (Both male and female will be available for your viewing pleasure, if it’s what I’ve seen before.)

Here’s what you should know if you decide to go.  And if you do, please let me know because I cannot this year.  😦

New York International Auto Show

Website:  http://www.autoshowny.com/

Location:  Jacob Javits Center NYC, NY

When:  Open to the Public Friday March 29-Sunday April 7th 10 am – 10 pm every day except Sundays, 10 am to 7 pm (including Easter)

Tickets: Adults $15 Kids 2-12 $5 Kids Under 2 FREE.  Strollers ARE allowed.  Buy online and use Promo Code NY13AAA to save $2 (Thanks Retail Me Not!)

Private Ladies Tour:  Saturday and Sunday, 9 am (you get to go in an hour early), $50 More details at the website here.  It’s the only private tour that’s not sold out. 

TIPS:  If you can, go during the week and go during the day.  At night, the fifteen-year-olds and their stinky body spray are all up in the cars talking about what wheels they’d put on them.  Map out what manufacturers you want to see, there’s A LOT of walking.  Don’t be afraid to browse, though, you might fall in love with a make/model you’d never thought of.  Bring your camera and take pics so if you’re not buying a car for a while, you’ll remember which ones had the features you like.  Have fun.  Try on every car like they’re shoes.  Really, really expensive shoes.

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I Help My Husband with Work Sometimes

Woodford Reserve Manhattan Contest

Yup, that’s a bacon-wrapped cherry. It’s good to be me.

My husband is a salesman for a liquor distributor. He approached me a couple of weeks ago because they were having trouble finding a judge for the local portion of the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience contest. Would I be willing to do it? Hmmmm…..

A few years ago I gave up most vodka, gin and rum because the concoctions they’re a part of are typically sugary sweet or martinis that are strictly for getting drunk (which I prefer to believe happens only by accident.)

Enter whiskey. It’s got a kick that lets you know what you’re messing with but that has good flavor. Hard to find something to drink it with, though, and drinking it on the rocks seems too hard-core (but is a great treat once in a while.)

Two years ago, at a work event with my husband, we were having pre-dinner cocktails and most folks had martinis. I decided to try something different and ordered a Manhattan. One sip and I was done. I told my husband that it was obvious the drink had been created for me. Who knew?

A Manhattan is a drink I can have at home at the end of a day of mommying and instantly feel sexy and adult again, even if I am wearing Hello Kitty pajama bottoms with sweatshirt and eating pizza for dinner. When I’m out, it’s a great accessory to any nice dress (people will notice it before they notice your clutch, I promise) and a fun and yummy way to wait for a table at a nice restaurant.

If you’ve never had a Manhattan, here’s why you should order one:

  • The flavor is unmistakable. It is all at once sophisticated, smooth, warm, comfortable, simple and wild. It doesn’t have any typical holiday flavors, but it tastes the way the Christmas feels.
  • Served up, or even on the rocks, it is honey brown and usually accompanied by a delightful cherry and/or an orange peel. It is Betty-Draper-in-Rome sexy (although I think she orders a gimlet there.)
  • It’s hard to lose track of how many Manhattans you’ve had. Every sip reminds you of its potency.
  • While it is regaining popularity, it is still occasional enough to be a conversation starter.
  • People are still surprised when women drink Manhattans. Maybe because whiskey is supposed to be a guy thing? Anyway, I think drinking a Manhattan exudes confidence, good taste and strength.

A Manhattan is so wonderful in its basic recipe: whiskey (I do prefer bourbon, specifically Woodford Reserve coincidentally – this isn’t just because they sponsored the contest. It’s because it is hands-down the most robust, grown-up bourbon on the market and perfectly melds with the other ingredients), sweet vermouth, and some bitters (I like 5 or so dashes of orange.) Read The Manhattan Project, an article by Gary Regan that tells the mysterious history of the drink and discusses its variations and merits. He hits the nail on the head when he explains:

“It’s the job of the vermouth to soothe the savage soul of the whiskey in a Manhattan cocktail, but it must allow the spirit to be heard, too.”
Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/wine/article/The-Manhattan-project-A-bartender-spills-his-2502224.php#ixzz2CllHGsAP

Back to my husband’s request. I told him if he really needed me I’d move some things around in my schedule if he’d find a sitter. (Of course, in my head I was jumping up and down and doing the happy dance. I had to reschedule folding laundry and watching DVRed Mad Men.) I’m not really sure why he didn’t just call this a holiday gift, but that’s his loss.

Judging was a little tougher than I thought (although even more enjoyable than expected) because it is tough to improve on such a distinguished standard.

The Connecticut bartenders that competed last night did a great job of adding their own twist on a classic. Each contestant worked hard and got really creative. Some of the more exceptional ingredients I saw included pumpkin, apple cider, hard cider, Tahitian vanilla bean, homemade strawberry vermouth, chocolate bitters, jalepenos, and peanut butter. There were probably more that I’m forgetting, but those stood out for me. The best cocktails, to me, were the simplest ones that kept the integrity of the Manhattan with just a subtle twist or surprise.

The whole night was amazing. I didn’t get to see the drinks being made or know who was making them, but I can imagine the work that went into some of them. They were presented beautifully, with garnishes like chocolate covered cherries, cinnamon sticks, citrus peel twists, citrus peel chunks, and even bacon (see the photo.)

I still don’t know what the winning drink was (my husband was tired and I’d just tasted 19 Manhattans, so we headed out early.) Hats off to all the contestants. I was honored to enjoy every sip last night. I hope to see some of those concoctions on local menus whether they won or not.


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