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Mama’s Night Before Christmas

A couple nights to go before its go time.  Buster, the boy, has been touch and go but overall the kids have behaved well enough to expect a delivery from the fat man in the red suit.  The magic can be exhausting, but I’m still pretty excited. Even I’ve been Christmas-behaving.  Decorating, shopping, singing, Santa-visiting, all while working and stuff.  

Nothing has come out quite as perfect as I’d planned.  Like our tree- it’s full and beautiful but after some, ahem, height adjustments our beautiful silver star wasn’t wide enough for the top branch’s adjusted girth.  I had to think fast- placing the star is an important ritual in our family.  Not something that could be delayed by extraneous star purchases.  So, some aluminum foil, a toilet paper tube, and Princess’s glitter glue flair had to stand in. It turns out that rolling with the punches and laughing at ourselves makes the season more perfectly beautiful than I could have hoped.

That’s the best magic there is.  If you’re responsible for some of the magic at your house, I hope you enjoy this little poem I wrote a couple years back.  Read on to learn how to bring a smile to the magic-making woman in your life.

The stockings were hung
By the chimney with care
Mama knew all would expect
St. Nick to have been there
The children were asleep, 
Out cold in their beds
The sugar high had crashed
At last, they sleep like the dead
Mama pours magic in her cocoa!!!!!
There is no time to nap
She has to make certain 
All Santa’s gifts will be wrapped
She considers devouring
The cookies left on his platter
But instead starts in
On the first business matter
With a bittersweet sigh she glances 
At the now empty shelf
She remembers this year’s antics,
She’ll miss that jolly old elf!
She speaks not a word as 
She does the rest of her work
Because if she wakes the children,
She’ll feel like a jerk.
Finally, she lays down to doze,
Night has turned to morning, she knows.
As she’d toiled away at her tasks
(She’d had quite a list-ful)
Time had floated away, 
Like the down on a thistle.
Soon, she’ll hear kids exclaim,
Ere she sleeps a wink tonight,
“Mommy, wake up!!!
Do you know a mommy who will be working hard to make Christmas magic for everyone?  Not sure what do do for her?  
***Warning: Shameless plug coming***
Here’s what you need:  
– a nip of flavored vodka for Mama’s Christmas Eve hot cocoa
– some strong coffee for Mama’s Christmas Morning
– lovely bottle of wine for Mama’s Christmas night  
– a basket or some type of vessel to hold all of these items 
You can switch it up for whatever your favorite Mama likes- perhaps some chocolate chips or flavoring for cocoa, tea for the morning, and a bottle of fancy soda or cider for Christmas night.  
Then, go to my Etsy shop here and purchase then download and print the “Mama’s Christmas Survival Kit” of tags for your goods- it includes a picture book with the poem above in it.  
Put it all together and you’ll have a happy lady for the holiday!  

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Mama’s Night Before Christmas

A lot of folks don’t realize this, but the house has to be a certain way before Santa will slip down the chimney and leave his gifts.  I mean, no one has spoken to Santa about this, but mommies everywhere just kind of assume.  So, we usually are up a little late on Christmas Eve making sure that everything is all set the way Santa would like it.  This includes a clean tree area, stockings hung properly, shelves cleaned, and some wrapping paper made available in case he needs to wrap anything while he’s there (that’s why Santa’s wrap sometimes matches what mommy and daddy have.)  Anyhow, it’s a lot of work and I think that mommies don’t always get the credit they deserve for it.  So I wrote them this poem.

Actually, I had really meant to get the Mamas in my life some gift baskets with what they need to help them through whole Christmas holiday.  I didn’t get to it, but I thought I’d share the idea in case there’s a lady in your life who deserves it.

There’d be a little package marked “For Christmas Eve” and you’d include some cocoa and  little nip of something vanilla or peppermint marked “Magic, For Cocoa.”  Then, there’d be a package marked “For Christmas Morning,” and that would have something with A LOT of caffeine.  Like coffee or tea, depending on the Mama.  Finally, there would be a bottle of wine labeled “For Christmas Night- Mama’s Christmas Cheer.”  And of course, I’d print this little booklet for them.  Enjoy  😉

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