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Blood Orange Figenza and My Husband’s New Balls


My husband’s new balls were finally ready to use today. He’s been anticipating tonight for a while.

I think it was back in November when he first mentioned that he wanted to replace what we’d had. We call them ‘cubes’ but geometrically, that’s inaccurate, I suppose. He said that in addition to being the wrong shape, they were also too small. He promised that new, big, round ones would have more staying power.

He found the perfect ones on Amazon.

The “package” my husband wanted arrived yesterday. Of course, it takes a while for these things to get set to use. He was right, though, he went three rounds on his first one. (Typical female, I only got two out of the first – always slower it seems.)

I’m very pleased with his choice. They do last much longer and are very aesthetically pleasing, as you can see from the picture.

If you want them yourself, freeze the water in something called “sphere ice molds.” They come in a set of two so you’ll have two icy balls in 4-6 hours.

Even if you don’t have large, perfectly round ice cubes, though, I think you’ll enjoy my drink of choice tonight.

Figenza is a fig vodka my husband brought home. He brings home lots of flavors, but this one he’s been going on and on about.

Finally decided to give it a shot and for a mixer I went with the only soda we have in the house – Blood Orange San Pellegrino (how classy am I? Or was it just on sale at BJs in giant packages over the summer?). You know that it’s good soda because it says “Aranciata Rossa” right on it, which must mean “Awesomest Soda,” in Italian.

Seriously, though, the result is fantastic. For a whiskey girl to dig soda and vodka, it has to be special. And this is; it’s sweet but complex. There’s something Asian and Mediterranean about it. I LOVE it.

You should try it with a ball in it sometime. Or regular cubes, even.

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