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October Toy and Clothes Tetris

So, it’s October, which means that weather is changing.  Which means that a certain wardrobe changeover is required for two children.  But it’s not like for grown-ups because you don’t just have two categories – winter and summer.  You have something like 5 categories: a.) Summer that fit great but won’t fit next year, b.) summer that might fit next year, c.) Winter that is too big, d.) winter that fits just right, and e.) winter that is too small.  The trick,  you see, is to go through your kids’ clothes and only have drawers and closets with category e clothes.  Sounds easy, right?

Just sit down and have at those clothes and sort them out.  Now, add in 3 bags of clothes from the cousin with the super-awesome wardrobe who somehow never stains anything or wears them out.  You have to mix those in to avoid buying things.  Still, all good stuff and sounds easy.

But the clothes start to come in faster.  My daughter has the addition of a November birthday.  So, already, family are starting to ask what the kids need for birthdays and holidays.  Have to get to that sorting so I can answer the question – the truth is that I have absolutely no freaking idea.

You have to find a spot where all of these clothes can be sorted into the proper categories.

So, you try to go through it a little bit at a time, right?  That makes sense.  As you do a load of laundry, sort out the not fitting so good out of season stuff.  But since you’re slowly sorting, now you need a spot where you can collect the small, summer stuff.  Perhaps a nice bag in the corner of the room or a basket, right?

Good, we’re doing great here.  On our way to neatly organized drawers and closets! Clothes are coming in, but we’ve got this under control.  We’ll just sort and put away and get to the bottom of this “What clothes do the kids need?” question.

Enter two-year-old and four-year-old.  They spy basket and/ or bag of ill-fitting-out-of-season clothes.  Immediately begin putting these clothes on.  Or, at least removing them from the bags/baskets.  Perhaps because you’re busy trying to fold the other laundry or heaven forbid sort the items in the overflowing closets and drawers.  Now the kids have worn the clothes that were designated for removal and the clothes are dirty because they dragged them across the floor, which likely hasn’t been swept because you’re trying to get a handle on this clothes situation.  Now, they go in the laundry again…

It’s okay, though, it’s a nice Sunday afternoon, you’re putting some laundry away, getting ahead of things a little.

You realize some of the clothes from your little collection area have wound up in the toy box, too, which needs to be gone through.  Because you have similar categories of toys, too – too young, too old, just right.  More toys are coming soon, too, on the way with birthdays and holidays.

So you take a minute to start to go through those. Gotta make room. You realize that the toys have subcategories, too, like “needs pics for FB Tag Sale,” niece may want that, “no idea what to do with these little things; who can I pawn this crap off on?!”  You absolutely cannot throw them away, they are plastic and batteries and built for leaking toxins into soil.  You’ll just basically be killing sea turtles and may as well head out and slit the throats some delightful endangered species yourself if you put those in the trash for the landfill.  So you put all of these in the office to get to in a while.

Then, you get back to the kids’ rooms to fold and put laundry away, and do a little sorting.

Guess what the kids find while you’re busy?!  A super cool stash of toys in the office!  They can’t leave those in the office…

And this is when mommy stops to blog and cry a little.

And then someone needs a snack.

And then there’s an email – what about that <insert task I’d committed to completing>?

And it’s already 12:30 pm and we were going to stop by and see daddy.  Or visit the playground.  But I haven’t event vacuumed yet.  And we’ve got a side dish to prepare and candy before a trunk-or-treat.

And this is why my brain buzzes all the time and I can’t. ever. shut. it. off.

I recognize that this is a first world problem – too many clothes and toys.  And I’m grateful.  But I’m stressed and the guilt never seems to end; guilt over throwing away unused toys, not getting tasks done because of the sorting, not letting kids play with toys they suddenly want again…  There has got to be a better use of my brain than this continuous logic puzzle of “stuff.”

But this time of year it’s like Tetris.  I am constantly moving and shifting clothes and toys to perfectly fit the next onslaught of generosity directed at your children.  Because if heaven forbid that l-shape goes on upside down on top of the highest part of your puzzle, next thing you know, all the shapes are just piling up and piling up and next thing you know you’re at the top and it’s game over?

Oh if only….





What I’ve Been Up to- A Fun-loving Amphibian and a Bucket List

Hulafrog-logo-web-color-mediumI haven’t been writing much on here lately- have you been wondering what I’ve been doing lately?

See, there’s an awesome new amphibious website in town.  It’s a hyperlocal listing of things to do and places to go with kids in the greater Glastonbury area.  (That means Berlin, Kensington, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Cromwell, Glastonbury, Portland, East Hampton, Marlborough, Colchester, East Haddam, Moodus, Higganum and Haddam in case you’re wondering- so it’s a LOT greater than Glastonbury, I guess.)

What is this magical internet place for parents you ask?  I’m so glad you asked.

It’s called Hulafrog Glastonbury, CT.  (While you’re over there, pop your email into the “subscribe” box and you’ll get “Our Picks” and a Weekend Guide delivered fresh to your inbox.) Learning about every nook and cranny of this area has led me to some very exciting things to do that could make my 2-year-old and 4-year-old very happy.  So many things, in fact, that it’s hard to make time for them all. So I came up with a bucket list for this summer that I thought I’d share.

I present The Hulafrog Glastonbury Summer Bucket List (click the links to see how Hulafrog will help you get these done; these are MY PICKS, nobody had to buy a spot on this list- another cool part of the way Hulafrog works):

This is the opportunity I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve been working my butt off on.  It’s a chance to combine things I have lots of experience with – internet, sales, and being a mommy – in a job that lets me hang out with my kids all day.  Perfect, right?  See, I’m actually the founding publisher of Hulafrog Glastonbury.  You may already be familiar with Hulafrog- they’ve been around for a couple of years and the West Hartford site in Connecticut is pretty well established.

If this sounds like the coolest job ever, and you’re one of those “in the know” moms of active kids, you should shoot me a message and let me know.  This company is growing very quickly and they’re looking for publishers all over the country.  Check out the opportunity here:  Make sure you tell them Motormommy sent you!

Another great part of the gig is helping local businesses- which is something that has always been important to me.  Every kid-friendly business gets a profile on the site and is able to list their events for kids for FREE.  In the next couple of days, I’ll be able to offer advertising on the site to kid-friendly businesses that want more exposure if it makes sense for their business.  But if a business or organization does something good for kids, they’re on the site already.  For free.

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Happy National Running Day! What’s the Word?

Maybe a national running word would have allowed the guy in the raft to catch some fish.

Maybe a national running word would have allowed the spectator in the river to catch some fish.

Happy National Running Day!  Hopefully you’re getting a mile or two in, at least if that’s your thing.  If you’ve ever considered running, today is a good excuse to give it a shot and there’s lots of encouraging posts all over social media today about getting started.  

I just completed my very first half marathon on Sunday.  (It was the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont – an amazing race that will get its very own MotorMommy post soon.) I mention the half because I think that’s what makes me feel bold enough to propose  this ideas to other runners.  (Who am I kidding.  I mention that I finished a half marathon mostly because I’m trying to mention it as many times to as many people as I can.  I’m wearing the t-shirt and the medal as I type this.)
You see, I often notice other runners in my neighborhood and out and about. I’d love to communicate with them but don’t want to slow them down or scare them or anything.  Just provide a (literal) word of encouragement without interrupting their plans.
I’d like to say something to runners I see because I’ve noticed during races, especially in the half marathon, that the words of a stranger can provide quite a boost.  A couple of spectators  could easily be credited with my completing the CBHM.  Three sets worth noting of many enthusiastic spectators include:
  1. The fisherman in the river next to the course near mile 8 who was too busy scaring the fish with his cheering to catch anything (shown in picture)
  2. The adorable girls at mile 12 who told me I was “owning” the race-( I was walking at that point, but promised them I’d try to own the rest because they said that.  And I did, if we use “slightly lurching, obviously painful, slow run but not walking” as the definition of “own.”).
  3. Everyone around the last stretch who promised I’d be able to see the finish line right around the corner.  I didn’t believe it until I heard it 4 times.  (And seeing that finish line was such indescribable joy. So much to write about, has to wait for its own post…)
I think it would be nice to encourage other runners I see, but yelling “Woo hoo, girl, you look great!  You got this!  Work it, work it, you’re almost there!” from my front lawn as my kids are playing doesn’t seem quite right for a variety of reasons.
Here’s what I propose: A word, with minimal syllables, that is easily Googled, that we can say to encourage and recognize fellowship with another runner we see even when we’re not running.
This word shall have the following meaning:
“Hello fellow human, I see you are running.  I run sometimes, too.  I don’t know whether this is your 16th of 20 training miles scheduled for today in an attempt at a Boston-qualifying marathon or your first running interval of a beginner’s 5k training program.  The reason for your run is also unknown.  Perhaps you are running to lose weight, to get some fresh air, to clear your head of bad news, to burn a few calories in exchange for a few drinks you plan to have later, to challenge yourself with a new personal best, or just to avoid your children or avoid your housework for a moment. Or maybe this is just a warm-up for some other exercise you prefer to do.  In any case, I’m proud of you for wherever you are in whatever journey you are on.    I recognize you are doing something that can be fun, but that is also hard. You have already taken the most admirable of your steps- the one out your front door.  You look fantastic and you are doing great.  Also, you can relax and know I will not judge your snot rockets, wedgie-picks, overall sweatiness, occasional grunting, lack of toenails, or any other running-related disgustingness.  Rest assured, any unpleasantness in the look on my face is a result of pure jealousy.  Carry on, running human, and enjoy your run.”
What do you think?  Does this word already exist and I missed it? If not, what should this “the runner in me sees the runner in you” word be?  “Runmaste?” “Run happy?” “Zaggazaw?”



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Thank You Poems/Update on Kooky Kousins

teamlogo copyThank you Motormommy fans for helping out our team for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure team. We went from $25 up to $822 pretty fast! We also raised over $300 from our painting party, so we’re pretty close to our goal of $1500!!!!! (ArtPlus Studio , who had an awesome FUNdraiser for us (so check them out) has mailed a check on our behalf; I’m not sure if it will show online.)

I was sandbagging a little in my last post; I knew we’d raised some $400 in tshirt sales. Those donations are now made and are reflected on our page.

If you’d like to donate to our team, you can go to our page and do so.No donation is too small. Wanna give up your latte and donate $5? We’ll be so grateful for your sacrifice! Forgo the coke from the vending machine? Your self-control will be noted and appreciated!  Just click here to make your donation:  Team Kooky Kousins Fundraising Page

Now, as promised, I have some poetry to share about our supporters.


To Cuzn Jeanette:  (perhaps it would be useful to watch this video so you can sing this in your head:  YouTube Video with Song)

She knows motorboating is so fun
But generosity is why her good deed was done
And our team knows-
When the race is done,
you’re the champion

Jeanette, Jeanette, the best supporter a team can get

And on to Michelle, our rockstar Save Motorboating Tshirt sales woman:

“The message is too crass.”
“No, you’re just a cheap ass.”

I’d imagine that was the exchange
Out on the Texas range

Where Michelle, a Kousin both Kooky and bold,
Found herself with 13 shirts quickly sold!


For big donor Shelley:

When the cause is right
Shelley comes through to help the plight
With fifty big ones she parted
Because she is so kind hearted
So now a motorboating shirt she wears
That will keep her safe even in dragon lairs*


To Chrissie:

Perhaps it was because even through dragon fire she’ll remain alive*
That Chrissie donated her twenty-five
But more than likely it’s because she is nice
About supporting us, she wouldn’t think twice
We appreciate very much her money
And hope she enjoys her tee


*The tshirts are unlikely to actually make you impervious to dragon fire.  We have not tested this statement.

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