Categories of Stuff

Motor Cars Stuff

These are posts about buying or selling a car.  Since I’ve been a part of a bunch of car sales in my 10 year career, I thought maybe I’d share some of the silly things that dealers and consumers do and how to avoid them.  I’ll probably direct these at women, because I know how they think from experience. Oh, and they buy like 68% of the cars and influence on 80% of the car-buying decisions made.  If you don’t want to read my posts, take this one bit of advice- trust your instincts.  Women have been better at buying everything for years.

Motor Home Stuff

In 2011, my family purchased our first motor home.  We love camping and I’ve spent summers camping my whole life- in tents, campers, and now the motor home.  These are my tales about that.

Mommy Stuff

Kids are always funny.  I have two and my current job is taking care of them.  Right now the boy, Buster, is an infant and the girl, Princess, is almost three.  These are not their real names but represent their personalities very well.  They are adorable and exhausting and I can’t remember life before them.

Motormouth Stuff

These are posts that I really have no business writing about things that I have little or no experience with but that I still have an opinion on and consider myself knowledgeable about because I read something on the internet.  Sorry, I can’t keep these in my head.

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