You know those mommies that are always prepared and always know the right thing to do? I am so not one of them.  I do have 2 children- a daughter, Princess, born in 2009 and a son, Buster, born in 2012.  Included here are some of the mistakes I make along with the things I do right.  I don’t use words sparingly and I’m not always politically correct.

These kids are currently my full-time job, but long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I once had a career.  I was in automotive internet sales for about 10 years.  This was a great way to use the 6+ years studying Forestry at Oklahoma State University and my high IQ (I’m in Mensa, which I guess means I’m smart or they need to redo their testing.)  Follow along and you’ll probably get to read about how all that happened, too.  I put this career on pause in January, 2012, but I’m still fascinated by the business.  Fortunately for you, dear reader,  I’m an expert at the whole “buying a car” thing, having been a part of at least 10,000 car sales.  Now I like to write about what I see going on in the business and give tips on how to get a great deal and have a great buying experience- especially as a woman.  Seriously, it can be fun.

In my spare time, in summer anyway, I like to go camping with my family in our motor home.  I grew up camping and even met my husband on a camping trip.  Camping is, in my opinion, the BEST way to spend a weekend with your kids.

Winter brings cold weather and my husband makes me strap slippery boards on my feet and head up to the top of a really steep hill and slide on down.  I will never be an expert skier, but I do enjoy the drinks and good company I find at the bottom of the hill.

Also, in 2012 I took up running.  It’s free and more interesting to talk about than 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I think everyone should try it.  At least get the feeling of the start line and the exhausted pride at a  finish line once.  So I write about that sometimes, too.  As of March, 2014, I’m down about 40 lbs since my son was born.  In June 2014, I ran my first half marathon.  In September 2014, I will complete (hopefully) my first triathlon.  So I guess I’ve got my own motor now too!

Many, many things occupy my mind in the course of a day and I develop opinions on those, too.  I’ll probably write about some pretty random stuff, even stuff I have no business writing about.  That’s what being motor mouth is all about.  But it will be fun, right?

So here I am with my Motor Home, my Motor Cars, and using my Motor Mouth to blog online as Motor Mommy.  Join me for the ride, won’t you?

Thanks for reading!


Jennifer Greenberg

Motor Mommy

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Amorena says:

    Awesome blog Jennifer!

  2. Doug says:

    I just found your blog though Linked In. Sounds like a lot of fun……I’ll be back!!

  3. We sure could have done with your help when bought our first car in this country. http://whichwaynow101.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/how-not-to-buy-a-car-part-1/

  4. Hi Jennifer
    Thanks for following. I’m a happy camper now you are joining me as I trip around by RV, plane, car and time machine to the past.
    Comments, compliments, critiques and wisecracks are most welcome.
    You have a great blog. “See” you again soon.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Which Way Now 101 aka Carol

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