Happy Valentine’s Day to the Love of my Life

Hope everyone out there is having a lovely Valentine’s Day out there!  Today, I’m celebrating the MotorDaddy, Michael.  He’s amazing, puts up with a lot of crap and is a blast to be around.  Of course, the Motorkids, Buster and Princess have gone off with Grandma and Grandpa.  So Michael and I get to hang out.  He’s at the store as I type this, but by the time he reads this, I’ll be at a bar by myself.  He’s got a treasure hunt of clues to find me.  (They’re supposed to remind him of the happiest moments in our lives and how much fun we’ve had in our 10+ years together. )

If he’s reading this, he’s found clue #12 and is looking for this, clue # 13:

Our little life was going so well that we decided to add to our family.  A canine member.  And while we loved Whiskey, she had to return to Heaven a little early.  So, in 2014, we got this precious pooch- Emma.  Even though she’s quite a pain in the butt sometimes, the kids love her and she’s part of the family.  Find her, she has #14!  (This is probably the only day you can’t say “That dog hasn’t got a clue!”)

Hopefully I see you soon, Michael!


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