Cynical Moments in a Disney Blockbuster: Watching Frozen in a Damp RV on a Damp Day

(Note: if you are someone who has been blessed enough to not yet have seen Frozen even once, this will spoil it for you.)

Yay! Motormommy is finally camping! Less than “yay” is the huge split in our RV’s hot water line that, ahem, dampened our camper. (Daddy has already fixed it, which is “yay.”). Also, some rain is dampening the grass and playground equipment. Nothing is dampening our spirits, though!

We watched “Frozen” again this afternoon. I really do love this movie – it’s beautiful and the music was obviously written to be made into a Broadway show. Can’t wait for that.

Still, this has to be the 14,792nd time I’ve seen this movie. I’ve watched it as many times as I read papers and books that I had to critically review in grad school. I think that’s why I’ve started thinking so critically about it.

Here’s what I’ve noticed- what do you think?

1. Kristoff is totally calm about the magic of the winter in summer, but he is totally in shock about someone who would fall in love after 1 day. Even through all the other things that occur, this is the most disbelief we see from Kristoff. Is this Disney’s way of mocking the people who don’t like the fairy tale “love” stuff? I mean, our daughters figure out that they’re not going to run into a talking snow man, is it too much to expect of them to make the jump that Princess isn’t a career and love isn’t really that “magical?”
2. When questioned on his love knowledge, Kristoff cites his friends, who turn out to be the trolls. Do the trolls represent the fairy-love haters of the public? Because they, like the public, are fickle. Even though they’ve taught Kristoff all about real love, they sure are ready to marry him right off to Anna in a hurry. And wouldn’t most of the movie audience, even the fairy-tale-love haters, love to see that wedding sooner than later? Because Kristoff is their creation, right? An honest, imperfect, smelly, not-royal suitor? The antithesis of the typical Disney lover boy?
3. But, shouldn’t we remember what Kristoff does for a living? He sells ice. He’s also the only one outside of the royal family who witnessed the troll incident. Remember the boy and his reindeer watching from the hill? So he’s known all about Elsa’a powers all along, right? Funny he should run into Anna… Is he really any better than Hans? Except he doesn’t want in on the castle, maybe he just wants in on the human ice maker.
4. Olaf will melt in summer. Anna and Kristoff know that. Still, they let him believe he’s going to love summer and he helps them as best as he can to get summer back. Isn’t that a little messed up? Kristoff wanted to tell him the truth, but Anna says no.
5. Olaf has no problem lying. He lies to the marshmallow monster. “All good things, all good things…” And later, he pretends the rocks are Kristoff’s friends.
6. Elsa says we’ll never see her cry. We sure do later on, when she believes Anna is dead.
7. Everyone in the movie lies.
8. Hans does lie, too, of course. But he never tells Anna he loves her. He says he loves crazy. And love is an open door for him. Anna’s love opens a door to a castle he wants to occupy. In fact, no one in this movie says they love anyone.
9. There’s something weird about when Pabbi said, “don’t worry I took away all the magic, but l left the fun.”
10. None of the good guys in this movie would have gotten anything they wanted- Elsa’s control of magic and freedom to use it, Kristoff’s human ice maker connection, Anna’s human companionship, etc. if Anna hadn’t believed in true love and been ready to marry Hans.
11. It is super convenient that, at the end of the movie, everyone was standing on a slightly sunken ship that floats right up when the fjord thaws.

I did just download Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” the story on which the film was based. I’ll let you know what I find there.

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