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Thank You Poems/Update on Kooky Kousins

teamlogo copyThank you Motormommy fans for helping out our team for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure team. We went from $25 up to $822 pretty fast! We also raised over $300 from our painting party, so we’re pretty close to our goal of $1500!!!!! (ArtPlus Studio , who had an awesome FUNdraiser for us (so check them out) has mailed a check on our behalf; I’m not sure if it will show online.)

I was sandbagging a little in my last post; I knew we’d raised some $400 in tshirt sales. Those donations are now made and are reflected on our page.

If you’d like to donate to our team, you can go to our page and do so.No donation is too small. Wanna give up your latte and donate $5? We’ll be so grateful for your sacrifice! Forgo the coke from the vending machine? Your self-control will be noted and appreciated!  Just click here to make your donation:  Team Kooky Kousins Fundraising Page

Now, as promised, I have some poetry to share about our supporters.


To Cuzn Jeanette:  (perhaps it would be useful to watch this video so you can sing this in your head:  YouTube Video with Song)

She knows motorboating is so fun
But generosity is why her good deed was done
And our team knows-
When the race is done,
you’re the champion

Jeanette, Jeanette, the best supporter a team can get

And on to Michelle, our rockstar Save Motorboating Tshirt sales woman:

“The message is too crass.”
“No, you’re just a cheap ass.”

I’d imagine that was the exchange
Out on the Texas range

Where Michelle, a Kousin both Kooky and bold,
Found herself with 13 shirts quickly sold!


For big donor Shelley:

When the cause is right
Shelley comes through to help the plight
With fifty big ones she parted
Because she is so kind hearted
So now a motorboating shirt she wears
That will keep her safe even in dragon lairs*


To Chrissie:

Perhaps it was because even through dragon fire she’ll remain alive*
That Chrissie donated her twenty-five
But more than likely it’s because she is nice
About supporting us, she wouldn’t think twice
We appreciate very much her money
And hope she enjoys her tee


*The tshirts are unlikely to actually make you impervious to dragon fire.  We have not tested this statement.

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Cynical Moments in a Disney Blockbuster: Watching Frozen in a Damp RV on a Damp Day

(Note: if you are someone who has been blessed enough to not yet have seen Frozen even once, this will spoil it for you.)

Yay! Motormommy is finally camping! Less than “yay” is the huge split in our RV’s hot water line that, ahem, dampened our camper. (Daddy has already fixed it, which is “yay.”). Also, some rain is dampening the grass and playground equipment. Nothing is dampening our spirits, though!

We watched “Frozen” again this afternoon. I really do love this movie – it’s beautiful and the music was obviously written to be made into a Broadway show. Can’t wait for that.

Still, this has to be the 14,792nd time I’ve seen this movie. I’ve watched it as many times as I read papers and books that I had to critically review in grad school. I think that’s why I’ve started thinking so critically about it.

Here’s what I’ve noticed- what do you think?

1. Kristoff is totally calm about the magic of the winter in summer, but he is totally in shock about someone who would fall in love after 1 day. Even through all the other things that occur, this is the most disbelief we see from Kristoff. Is this Disney’s way of mocking the people who don’t like the fairy tale “love” stuff? I mean, our daughters figure out that they’re not going to run into a talking snow man, is it too much to expect of them to make the jump that Princess isn’t a career and love isn’t really that “magical?”
2. When questioned on his love knowledge, Kristoff cites his friends, who turn out to be the trolls. Do the trolls represent the fairy-love haters of the public? Because they, like the public, are fickle. Even though they’ve taught Kristoff all about real love, they sure are ready to marry him right off to Anna in a hurry. And wouldn’t most of the movie audience, even the fairy-tale-love haters, love to see that wedding sooner than later? Because Kristoff is their creation, right? An honest, imperfect, smelly, not-royal suitor? The antithesis of the typical Disney lover boy?
3. But, shouldn’t we remember what Kristoff does for a living? He sells ice. He’s also the only one outside of the royal family who witnessed the troll incident. Remember the boy and his reindeer watching from the hill? So he’s known all about Elsa’a powers all along, right? Funny he should run into Anna… Is he really any better than Hans? Except he doesn’t want in on the castle, maybe he just wants in on the human ice maker.
4. Olaf will melt in summer. Anna and Kristoff know that. Still, they let him believe he’s going to love summer and he helps them as best as he can to get summer back. Isn’t that a little messed up? Kristoff wanted to tell him the truth, but Anna says no.
5. Olaf has no problem lying. He lies to the marshmallow monster. “All good things, all good things…” And later, he pretends the rocks are Kristoff’s friends.
6. Elsa says we’ll never see her cry. We sure do later on, when she believes Anna is dead.
7. Everyone in the movie lies.
8. Hans does lie, too, of course. But he never tells Anna he loves her. He says he loves crazy. And love is an open door for him. Anna’s love opens a door to a castle he wants to occupy. In fact, no one in this movie says they love anyone.
9. There’s something weird about when Pabbi said, “don’t worry I took away all the magic, but l left the fun.”
10. None of the good guys in this movie would have gotten anything they wanted- Elsa’s control of magic and freedom to use it, Kristoff’s human ice maker connection, Anna’s human companionship, etc. if Anna hadn’t believed in true love and been ready to marry Hans.
11. It is super convenient that, at the end of the movie, everyone was standing on a slightly sunken ship that floats right up when the fjord thaws.

I did just download Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” the story on which the film was based. I’ll let you know what I find there.

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Can You Help the Kooky Kousins?

Howdy all!  I haven’t been on here much and I do apologize for that.  I’ve had a lot going on and one of the many things is our Kooky Kousins team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Hartford, CT.  The race is coming up quick- June 7, 2014.  I’m so excited about the race- a bunch of my friends and family are going to be there, there will be lots of pink, and I feel like I’m doing my part to remember those who were lost and to honor survivors, like my kooky cousins Cheryl and Kim, who demonstrated a so much strength and hope in each of their courageous battles.

I was just checking out our team fundraising site, though, and it’s looking a little sad.  We do have one donation.  Kristine, one of our team members, has a donation of $25 from some folks named Gill and Mike.  I don’t know them, but I’m so grateful for their donation.  In fact, I’m so poetically grateful that I wrote this in their honor:

Three cheers for Gill and Mike!

They could’ve said, “Kristine, take a hike!”

And then used their cash at the movies.

But, instead of being schmucks,

They took their twenty-five bucks,

And donated it to save boobies!

That should make them feel special, right?  Do you want to feel special, too?   You see, I’m a little behind on where I’d like to be on our fundraising, so I thought I’d ask for your help.  Aside from the tax-deductible nature of your donation, I thought I’d up the ante a little with these awesome fabulous great good kind of okay…. interesting thank yous:


If you don’t know what motor boating has to do with breasts or breast cancer, this probably isn’t the tshirt for you.

1.)  Be one of the first 7 people to donate $30 or more to our team and get a totally awesome, slightly inappropriate T-shirt (see pic at left) and a poem written about you on MotorMommy.

Just go to the Team Kooky Kousins page and make your donation.  Then comment below and email me at motormommy(at) yahoo(dot)com and I’ll get all the details I need to get the shirt mailed to you.  Yes, the tshirt is a little Vince-Vaughn-“Wedding Crashers” inappropriate.  But it is carefully constructed and artfully designed.  Also, it is impenetrable to evil spirits and the fire of dragons’ breath*.  Which is nice.

2.)  Be one of the first 10 people to donate $10 or more to our team and I’ll write a poem about you on MotorMommy.

Just go to the Team Kooky Kousins page and make your donation and then comment below.  (I won’t need an email.)  How often do people write poems about you?  Sure, evil spirits can get at you and a dragon can singe your skin, but you’ll have your own terrible poem!  Yay!

3.)  Donate as little as $1, and you can have your name, or any name you choose, scroll across the Team Kooky Kousins page.  It’s like being sort of famous!

Check out the Team Kooky Kousins page and you’ll see that Gil and Mike are already enjoying this great gift. What you can’t tell, though, is that each time your name scrolls by, you’ll feel a wave of gratitude sent telepathically from the entire Kooky Kousins team.  It’s true! Go ahead, ask Gil and Mike**.

Not in the mood or cant afford to shell out cash?  There’s still two ways you can help!  Here’s how:

We’re having a fundraising event Monday, May 19th at Artplus Studio in New Haven Connecticut.  We’ll have some wine and some snacks and there are even door prizes.  And you’ll be painting a lovely canvas that you get to take home!  You can go to the Art Plus Studio site and register online right now!

Here’s some more details:

Kooky Kousins for a Cure Paint Party FUNdraiser

May 19th 2014

Check in 6:30pm. Painting will start 6:45pm.

 FUNdraiser cancellations with more than 48-hours notice will result in a $50 cancellation fee.  Less than 48 hours will result in a $150 cancellation fee. In the event a FUNdraiser is cancelled, store credits will be issued to those who have already made a reservation.

  • We provide all materials, your take-home canvas, and step-by-step instruction with one of our instructors

  • We will also be auctioning off art from our collection to benefit your organization.

  • We’ll also be raffling off some door prizes, including one of the tshirts above.  Unless that is illegal.  Then we would definitely not do that.

  • You can bring your own drinks/snacks, but Kooky Kousins will have some wine and some snacks for everyone!

Of course, if you’re’ not in our area or if you don’t like painting or you’re short on cash, you can STILL help!  Just share this post!  Maybe you know someone who has $5 burning a hole in their pocket.  We would really, really, really appreciate it! As always, thank you so much for reading!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA or anyone with any sort of credibility.

**Waves of gratitude may take up to 48 hours to feel.

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