Happy Halloween!

I obviously love carving pumpkins. It’s a problem at my house. The children, pets and housekeeping all get ignored for cutting up squash. Here’s the details and links to patterns along with a little how-to on a custom design.

This year I represented our family loves.

Buster loves climbing and bananas so he got Morris the Monkey , which is one of many, many free pumpkin carving patterns out there.


Princess loves Lalaloopsy and princesses so she got this one. It turns out that Nick and Disney have no problem with you advertising their shows on your pumpkin for them, so there are lots of great free templates for your favorite characters:


I got this /Motormommy Motorhome pumpkin, courtesy of KOA Campgrounds:

This year I even had two original designs. The first was in honor of my husbands love of wine. I did the design as you see below, but hubby decided to just try to carve through the paper.


Don’t ever do that, by the way. Use a tool or a toothpick to outline the design. Markers can smudge but the little holes let you just connect the dots with whatever carving tool you use. Then remove the pattern but don’t throw it away, you’ll probably need to refer to it because those dots may not make sense on their own.

Here’s the wine pumpkin. I wish we could blame the lettering on wine but it was really just the NyQuil- my husband and children had bad colds before Halloween this year:


Finally, my favorite. Another custom design. If you want to create your own design, go to Google images and search for sillouhettes of the image you want to do. If you want to combine a few elements, copy and padur the images into a word document where you can change the sizing, attach parts of the images or whatever you need. Then print it. Mine wound up having extra elements so I traced just the elements I wanted onto another clean sheet. Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted a positive-space skiier, so I traced again. Here’s images in the process (I recycled the paper so there’s part of a mummy under the final design.).

Finally, my skiier on a white pumpkin:


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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Brilliant designs! You must be very patient.

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