Out of Excuses

20130921-115148.jpgI’m currently in Nashville,TN en route to tour the Jack Daniels facility in Lynchburg. Still, I got up this morning to work out just so I could write this post guilt-free. So expect more get-fit posts because they motivate me. And I think there are a lot of hilarious diets and exercise plans to laugh at, so I look forward to talking about those.

As you can see from the picture, I’m out of excuses for getting completely fit. Two of my biggest ones are now coming along for the ride. I’ve hit a plateau and have to step it up a notch.

Currently, I’m a full time SAHM (or VEEP as I prefer to be called) by day and part time CRM Specialist at a luxury car dealership by night (and some Saturdays). This leaves little free time for exercise.

I did manage to lose almost 30 lbs so far, though.

Most of the weight I lost was due to nutrition. I used a little-publicized program called common sense. Essentially, what you do is avoid most sugar and keep your food input relative to your physical output. Sounds weird, but it works.

I did, of course, use some exercise equipment.

One unique piece I used you can use anywhere – campgrounds, parks, at home, waiting rooms, farms, wherever you are. You set it down and it makes a beeline for the most dangerous thing around. Electric outlets, speeding traffic, stairways, knives, glass tables, whatever it is, this monster will find it. To use it, you take responsibility for keeping it alive.

This weight loss miracle is called a newly mobile one year old named Buster. Mine is an advanced model with a big sister accessory. She doubles the productivity. For instance, say Buster is headed across a field full of rabid coyotes to try to dash in front of a speeding semi. Big sister will wait until I am chasing Buster to shout, “Mommy, I have to go potty NOW!” Then it’s a time trial out and back.

You are welcome to borrow the equipment and accessory anytime. I mean that. But you have to bear in mind that when not in use, they do not store well.

I also have a low impact light cardio system I use called a dog. She requires a walk 1-2 times per day.

We’ve been on two two-mile runs so far. Slow, of course. I bring the dog on the warm-up and cool down, so shes happy, too. The kids get strapped in safely. Princess is quite the coach- constantly yelling to go faster. But as long as they don’t kill each other in there, I’m a happy, fit mama.

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2 thoughts on “Out of Excuses

  1. Tony Molina says:

    That is hilarious!

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