A Letter From Emma To Her Family

20130714-174614.jpgDear Brothers and Sisters Jake, Tucker, Violet, Elvis, Biscuit, Jasper, Cooper, Trixie, and Earl,

I hope you all are well. Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye- the family that rescued me just fell in love with me and whisked me off to their car.

We just got back from living in a tiny house on wheels. We spent most of our time outside playing. I got to meet a couple other dogs (there were even more dogs there, but the people there were worried about something they called “immunity.”) There were also lots of nice people that played with me. The little house was just like the one you guys and me rode up from Arkansas in, except my new pack only drove their little house a few miles and then just parked it for four days.

My new pack does lots of weird stuff like that. There are five of them and each is strange in his or her own way.

The one closest to my size is named Louie. He’s a very strange dog. He can puff himself up very big. I want to sniff his butt but he can jump over the gate and they let him go upstairs so I can’t catch him yet. He doesn’t bark but does growl. There is a box somewhere that he poops in. I can smell it but it’s on the other side of a little door that I can’t fit through. When I figure it out, I’ll have a delicious treat, I’m sure. He didn’t get to come in the little house with us, I’m not sure why.

The next bigger one is part dog/part human I think. He is almost as fast as me when he uses all his legs. Still, he seems to prefer just walking on two of them even though he can’t seem to go in a straight line and falls on me a lot. I like him because he always has a piece of food stuck to him somewhere, although everybody gets pretty upset when I try to use my teeth on him. Not him, though- he’s cool with me. He and I both get in trouble for chewing each other’s toys. I think his other sister must like shoes a lot because he keeps bringing those to me. He poops right in these pants things he wears. Whenever and wherever he wants. (The pack gets pretty upset if I poop inside.)

Next up in size is the one they call Princess. She has the coolest game. She runs as fast as she can across the room making all sorts of fun noises. Sometimes the rest of the pack sees us and they start making noise, too. Of course I chase her and try to bite her heels, just like I did with you guys. When I get her she makes the neatest sounds. She even gets water to come out of her eyes! Sometimes when she slows down enough I’ll try to get her shirt. That really gets her excited Usually the one they call “Mom” ruins everything by coming over and picking her up out of my reach. Lame.

That one, Mom, is pretty cool otherwise. She feeds me and takes me for walks and gives me lots of treats. She makes me do silly things for them like sit, stay, shake, lie down and roll over and says I have to learn even more. But it’s cool because what else am I gonna do? Lick my butt some more? I already have plenty of time for that.

Finally, the biggest member of the pack is the one they call Dad. He’s not here as much as the rest. He talks about having something called a job. I wish he was here more because he spoils me. He gives me treats and sometimes even lets me come up on the furniture when Mom’s not looking.

Mom, Princess and Dad all poop in a bowl of water that is very noisy. Really weird.

I’m really starting to like it here. I hope you guys all got nice new packs, too. Any way you look at it, it’s better than that first place they brought us to. While we were there, I always wondered what happens to those dogs that went into that one room but never came out. I hope there are lots more families like mine so no dogs ever have to go in a room like that.

It’s pretty cool that organizations like Pack Leaders Rescue (the one that rescued us) make it so easy for people to adopt adorable puppies and sweet dogs like us. Another lady that visits us, called Grandma, fosters dogs for another organization. I met one of those dogs- her name is Ella Grace. She already only poops AND pees outside and she’s so calm and sweet. She says her rescuers, Labs 4 Rescue, are pretty great, too.

Best wishes bros and sisters- hope you’ve all got lots of toys, love, treats and exercise wherever you are.

Emma (I’m not Pixie anymore- Princess renamed me – after someone on a Disney show called Jessie, I hear. I mentioned they’re weird, right?)

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