Motormommy, Princess, and Buster Go To Florida Without Bunny or Daddy: Part 2, Lying About Age Is Unacceptable


Florida Fun To be honest, the rest of the trip was delightfully uneventful. The hospitality at the “Florida House” lived up to the name + Four Seasons. (I think to receive the same treatment you have to be with the royal Princess and her brother, Buster.)

We visited Sugar Sands Park in Boca Raton. It was like a Connecticut park with warmth, water park, palm trees, and everything awesome that a Connecticut park isn’t including a Carousel, which terrified Princess.

We visited a nature center with sea turtles, butterflies, and a boardwalk trail where I witnessed an iguana (not a native Florida species) fall from a nearby tree.

We sat by a pool. We ate while Jon slept. Mimi and Poppy entertained Princess and Buster while I did really weird stuff like absolutely freaking nothing.

Back in Connecticut, it snowed, then rained and did other stuff I didn’t care about because I was staring at blue sky through palm trees while breathing ocean air. Of course, time, while I willed it not to, is still passed.

Next thing I know it’s Thursday, which is cool because we’re going to the zoo.

Also cool is that Bunny (the stuffed animal, not the uncle) hasn’t come up since Monday night. (In case you’re wondering, here’s Monday night: Princess: “Mommy, I want to bring Bunny to dinner. Where is Bunny?” Awkward pause… Me: “Sweet! Look what I found! It’s your Hello Kitty Watch! Do you want to wear it?” Princess: “Yes!!!!”)

11:40 am:  We are about to enter the Palm Beach Zoo. Mimi decides that since kids under three are free, Princess must be two. Princess’s selective bat ears perk up when she hears Mimi ordering an adult, two seniors, and two children under three. I try to distract princess- “So, how psyched are you to see the tiger?” Meanwhile, Princess is trying to jump up and help Mimi out where the cashier can see her to explain that she IS three. “I had a party and Brynn was there.” Poppy whisks her away as I explain that the evil child is lying.


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