Sunshine In My Muffins Hurts My Toothies

Grating Sunshine

This is sunshine all over my counter.

So I learned a lesson about blogging in bed when I accidentally posted this picture in my sleep.  Here’s the whole story about a day the could bring about that kind of tired.

Monday was a comedy/tragedy of errors.  I set my mind to beginning a routine with the children.  We were going to get up and out the door by 8 am first a walk, then to the playground, out for grocery shopping then back to the house for lunch, art project and muffin-making.  Then the children would pass out from exhaustion around 1:30 pm and I would descend into mommy-bliss: housecleaning-Pinteresting-blogging-laundry-doing mommy-bliss.

The muffins, you see, were to be a reward for good behavior.  What Princess didn’t know is I’d be using all natural ingredients chock full of nutrients.  Bwaa ha ha ha!!!! (Evil laugh.)

Princess is not a good eater.  As far as real “food” goes she eats cucumbers, fruit, grilled cheese, pizza, baked beans, chicken nuggets and occasionally mac and cheese or pasta and sauce.  That is her entire diet, well except for all the sugary foods and chips she’s not allowed to eat because she eats so little real food as it is.

I’ve read all sorts of ways to get nutrients into toddlers.  “Give them healthful dipping sauces,” as if Princess didn’t know mixing textures like that was a serious foul.  “You can hide lots of things in mashed potatoes,” they’d stay hidden on Princess’s plate because she’s no longer eating mashed potatoes.  “Change up the hamburgers they love,” as if we could venture into hamburger-world.  “Smoothies are so delicious and they’ll love helping,” someone said. I might as well vacuum the house while trying to force feed her brussels sprouts – to her it’s the same; loud and disgusting.

Then, someone said muffins.  Hmmmm.  My mom got me the muffin-maker for my birthday.  This was a solid plan.  Here’s the recipe I would use for easy carrot apple muffins.  When I told Princess we’d be making muffins, she was psyched.

“Blueberry muffins, mom?” she asked; I’m certain she was thinking of a giant Dunkin Donuts variety dad had recently spoiled her with.

“No, yummy CARROT muffins!” I told her.

“I don’t want carrot muffins,”  she told me, clearly wary.

“Okay, sunshine muffins it is,” I said, impressed with my quick thinking.

“Sunshine muffins?!  Yay! Hip hip hooray!” she exclaimed.

I  was up and showered by seven.  Princess woke up at 8.  Buster slept until 9.  This is certainly a good thing most times.  I didn’t look at it as a setback, I plowed forward.  The day disintegrated quickly.  There was a potty accident, a too-long trip to the grocery store, haze of other typical problems, no art project and certainly no muffin-making.  By 3:30 pm, nap time had still not started and I was standing over Princess shouting “shut your eyes!” while holding her crying baby brother.  Good times.

Of course, I was not able to let my muffin-plan go.  So, after the toddler had redeemed herself slightly with a quiet dinner of cereal, cucumbers and strawberries, I let her put on her apron to help me with muffins.  As you can see by the picture, I didn’t even handle the carrot-grating process properly.  I have at least 3 different devices in my cabinets that would have handled the grating neatly and efficiently for me.  I also have a bigger bowl.  I thought it would be easiest to go with the grater and bowl that were already on the counter.  We can just add that on to the other delusions of the day.  Anyway, the muffins were made and loaded into the muffin-maker.  She couldn’t wait for them to be ready.

Finally, they were cooked and cool enough to eat.  And they were good.  Moist, just sweet enough, delicious.  “Finally, here comes my win for the day,” I thought as I handed her one.

She bit into it and said “Yum!”

She took into the other room to show Daddy.  As she continued to eat, I heard her say, “wait, there is  something in there.”

She came back in to the kitchen to tell me next.  “Yes, there is something in there, it’s sunshine, I told her.”

“Sunshine, yea.  I can’t like sunshine,” she told me.  “It bothers my teeth – see mommy?” She opened her mouth and pointed to her teeth.  “Sunshine bothers my toothies.”

Of course it does.  I should have known.

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3 thoughts on “Sunshine In My Muffins Hurts My Toothies

  1. Courtney says:

    We will gladly take all of your failed culinary attempts at this house. My kids certainly loved the sunshine muffins. And it would definitely be less stressful for me to have to bake. 🙂

    • motormommy says:

      Well I have some zucchini potato Parmesan pancakes from tonight that are pretty good unless you are the princess! I did have a win today though- snack tray. I just set it out and left it so she ate apples, which is rare.

  2. […] on the handle of the padded mini-seat.  (She’s a log-maker, regular and healthy for sure.  Probably unrelated to her diet.) Her pajamas and her were entirely covered in similar chunks and smears.  I will stop describing […]

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