Drive that car lady- 3 Good Reasons Why

Have you read this Time Moneyland article on how less consumers are test-driving? Would you actually buy a car without a test-drive? Shoes, okay. A dress, sure. An expensive TV, maybe. But a car, never. Please don’t do it.

The article didn’t specify, but in my experience, women are especially likely to skip the drive. For a lot of good reasons, really. They don’t like being talked down to. They’re really great at researching a purchase online and comparison shopping in general, so they feel the dealer is unnecessary. Worse, they’re afraid that the car will be so beautiful and that new car smell so intoxicating that they’ll make an irrational decision (like that $400 dress with the tags on it hanging in the closet from 4 years ago.) So, they avoid as much time at the dealer as possible.

So, I’m directing this at you – you smart, budget-minded, plugged-in, independent lady.

I know that you’re tech savvy. I know you know all about and and have read all the reviews and using a special algorithm can determine the best car for you in your budget.

Here are 3 reasons you may not have thought of why you should test-drive anyway:

1. The car’s specs on paper may not tell the whole story. No review is going to tell you that the radio buttons are just out of reach for someone with your arm length or that the lumbar won’t touch the right spot on your back or someone exactly your height will have several blind spots.

2. You can’t return it. Really. The three-day right of recission only applies if someone comes to your house and sells you something, like a vacuum cleaner. (Trust me, I googled this.)  You found the dealer, they didn’t come find you. Even if the dealer wanted to take the car back (and most smart ones would prefer that to a mouthy, unsatisfied customer), they can’t because the transaction costs are  huge; remember, the state’s going to want their cut in taxes and fees for a transfer of title and registration. You won’t get what you paid for it, even if you only put a couple miles on it because the vehicle history report will now say the car changed hands 3 times already. That would be a red flag you wouldn’t pay full price for, right?

3. You need to make sure the car is there. It’s old school and slimy, but some dealers may sell you a car they don’t have. Especially if you’re some distance away from them and aren’t likely to service your car there or spend any more money with them and are only paying a minimal-profit Internet price, they might take a deposit just so another dealer won’t make a sale. From time to time my Internet customers would call me and say,”so, I gave Dealer X a $1000 deposit on that car you told me didn’t exist and couldn’t be located and would have to be factory-ordered and that I’d have to wait 3 months for. They said they had one coming in a week or so, and that was 2 months ago and I really need a car.”

So I know you hate the dealer and don’t want to deal with the test-drive, but it’s worth it. No salesperson can make you buy anything and I promise, even you can resist that new car smell.

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3 thoughts on “Drive that car lady- 3 Good Reasons Why

  1. muddledmom says:

    I can’t imagine not test-driving! How do you know if you can see over the hood or if the blind spots are really bad? As much time as I spend in my car, I need to know if it’s comfy! Craziness.

    • motormommy says:

      When I worked at a dealership, people would try to do this all the time, it is crazy. I could never do that. Scarier were the folks who wanted to buy used cars over the phone or internet.

  2. […] you’re going to have to head out to the store.  For two good reasons:  to test-drive (click here for my post on why that’s so important) and to take delivery.  I think this may be one of the reasons dealers have been slow to change […]

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